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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl - Moldovan Style

Why do I watch the Super Bowl? The overpaid athletes in a contest I couldn't care less about? Nope. Commercials? Eh, they're all right. Halftime show? Usually hit or miss. The food? That'd be the one. so how were we going to make that happen here?
Simple. Lindsay and Conrad had Jessica, Lyndsey and I over and we did what we could. Chili, nachos and hot wings. 
Chili...Lindsay is a vegetarian so we made a pot of very spicy vegetarian chili. Since I refuse to eat 'fake' meat, we made it with beans and vegetables. I have to say? Wasn't too bad.
Nachos. Tortilla chips aren't easy to find here so we usually either roast pitas or find the rare bag. On this day we were lucky and found some. we covered them with beans, hot peppers, scallions, avocados (another rare find) and sour cream. Success!
Chicken wings and homemade blue cheese.
Hot Wings. Luckily found some chicken wings at the market and cut them into pieces. Whipped up a hot wing recipe with some Sriracha sauce, ketchup, salt, pepper, garlic, onions and some Coke. (I know it's weird, but it was a Brother Bob suggestion and how do I question him?) It was delicious. Made some homemade blue cheese with crumbled blue cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, sugar and salt. Delish! Success #2! People were pleased with the results and finally it felt like Super Bowl Sunday. Problem was...with the time difference? The game started here at 1am! Luckily, some resourceful volunteers found a sports bar open 24 hours a day and had them satellite in the game. (Is satellite a verb?) By the time 1am rolled around, we were all pretty tired but hey; once in a lifetime, right? So we trudged through the snow over to the bar. The boys paused for a moment to have a snowball fight in the middle of Chisinau. Boys will be boys.
Matt, Conrad and John in a snowball fight.
There were about 40 volunteers there and we watched the game. I am thankful it was an exciting game because at least it kept us awake. 
Volunteers watching the game.
Madonna was the halftime act, and (sorry, Mom) I thought she was fantastic. Halftime shows are very polarizing I have learned. When people sing live, they are torn apart for how horrible they sound. I mean they throw up a stage in ten minutes and they're supposed to conquer the acoustics in that time with no sound check? When people do not sing live and concentrate more on the performance aspect of it, they are criticized. We can't have it both ways people. Madonna, never been the best 'singer' in my opinion, but she sure can put on a show. Was I entertained? Yes. Did I need anything more than that at 2:30am for 15 minutes of my life? Nope. Success. Well done, Madge.
The end of the game was fun. I'm not a Giants fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy watching Tom Brady and the Patriots get beat. But by 5:00am we were all ready to get going home. Especially these two...
John and Conrad at the end of a long night.
We all felt it the next day. None of us are 18 anymore and an all night party just isn't in us anymore. However, it was worth it, if for the food alone. 
Sidebar, if you notice typing errors in this blog, please let me know so I can correct them. I do not claim to be infallible but as I write these posts usually in the middle of the night, I cannot capture all of the errors with my tired eyes. I make mistakes and I'll own them. 

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