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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mid-Season Slump

So it is official, I believe this is what they would call 'a slump.' I had been told that midway through service I would feel this. I didn't believe it, but nonetheless, here we are. It has been a slow summer that I have mostly spent integrating into the community and practicing Russian. Even though Russian is slow going, I really like it and know more than I think I do. Some days I feel like I'm learning nothing and then I'll be in the market in town and have a full conversation and be like 'oh damn, I'm speaking Russian.' So that's encouraging. 
3 more of my friends decided to move home. I don't know why, I guess I have it really good in Cahul and where I live and don't understand the struggles. As far as PC goes, I think we have it pretty good here in Moldova, but then I live in a populous town, not a rural city so what the hell do I know? What I do know is that I have no excuse for not finishing my full service. I have a great apartment, great friends, great location...I can certainly hang in there for 10 more months. Take THAT, naysayers!
Saying goodbye to Viktor was one of the hardest things I have had to do since I've been here. I didn't realize what a major part of my life he was until he was gone. Isn't that always the way? Always hard to be the one left behind too because I still go to all the places and see friends we hung out with whereas he goes off on a new adventure in a foreign country and gets to experience all new things. I guess I finally understand what my friends and family felt when I left. So...sorry for that. It sure does suck. But he's doing well. He's living in a village in France Northwest of Bordeaux. For his volunteer service he is helping to renovate a castle. Yeah...he's in heaven...son of a bitch...but we get to Skype a lot. Guess I should get used to that as that is probably the method at which we will communicate for the rest of our lives... :(
The new school year began. My organization is waiting to hear if we secured funding to keep ourselves running for another 6 months. If we do no, not too sure what I'll be doing. But I'm pretty sure we will get it. I'm still helping out at the Salvation Army. The couple that runs it is a Georgian couple (the country, not Atlanta) and they are fantastic. We will be holding our annual American Thanksgiving dinner there. I can't believe it's time to start planning Thanksgiving again already. 
September blows. It always has. I have always hated this month and this year is no exception. So I'm not a total bummer, I will say that Lyndsey went home to visit her family and fiancee and I never thought she would come back, but she did. And she is staying. So that is a nice surprise that makes this month a little bit sweeter. In October we have our mid-service medical checkups and then our final in-service training. After that we're on to Thanksgiving, than Christmas and before you know it the new year. And then we're down to 6 months. I can't believe it's that time already. Time to look for jobs. (And no, I still don't know, DON'T ASK!!!!!)
One thing that always helps? Friends. Actual 3-D people, but also the TV show. It's the perfect prescription when you're feeling really blue. No matter how many times I have seen the episodes, they can always make me smile. That sandwiched with all the new TV starting in the next few weeks, my mood is starting to pick up.
Lastly, a bit of a nice accomplishment, the film I have been helping on all summer is finally in the editing stages and we were covered by the news here in Moldova. (Yeah...that's me in the purple shirt in the beginning...)

They are speaking in Russian with Romanian subtitles. The gist is that they have been working on it all summer with a budget of almost nothing. But they are going to enter it in some international festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, etc. It's a long shot but they have nothing to lose by trying. They are fantastically creative and I hope their efforts are appreciated. It will always be a great memory watching these guys work and create something wonderful.
And my all too frequent tribute to my buddies who are leaving...I hate this...people, please stop leaving!



Gone too soon, girls...
Did I mention I miss Viktor?

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