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Robert Kennedy

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Medical Process

I swore I wouldn't write again until I passed the medical review. Wow! If that doesn't test your patience, I don't know what will?
I began the medical process in early August. The first thing I did was go to the eye doctor. Mostly because I knew that would be the easiest of all the appointments. And I was right. They filled out their one page paperwork and prescribed glasses and wished me well.
The Dentist was not so easy. It was a new dentist and I really did like her but she made it pretty darn clear she was not happy about all the paperwork. I have never been a 'faithful' dentist goer so I knew when I went there would definitely be some work to be done. I was right. I had to get 4 cavities filled, one tooth pulled and a good cleaning. It took multiple visits and hundreds of dollars and it was a nightmare. Finally I completed it all...well mostly. I mean I still had 3 wisdom teeth that had to be removed but I was told I didn't have to do that in order to get an invitation. I had no idea where I would come up with the money to do that before I left but as per usual, I left it up to procrastination.
The next hurdle was my therapist. She was actually really nice about the whole thing and very encouraging and wrote me a great evaluation. Thankfully she didn't charge me for all the paperwork which I didn't realize that she could have. 
And then came the PCP. Oy. Anyone who says we don't need health care reform in this country is just plain insane. The bureaucracy of paper work just to get appointments is just insane. I had all the blood work done and had to pay for my doctor to fill out all the paperwork. I had to wait a few weeks for the blood results which were all normal thankfully. I am overweight, but I'm pretty healthy...inexplicably. Then I had to get a referral to the gynecologist. Then I had to come back and get some shots. Then I had to go to the gynecologist. Pretty normal there too. I am very lucky in the health department because it's not like I take care of myself.
So after faxing everything in, I got my dental stuff back pretty quickly since I had to get my wisdom teeth out. Silly me, I thought they wouldn't notice. And then I went on medical hold. They sent me a letter stating that I had indeed missed some things on the medical forms. I was very disappointed  because I was so thorough and in my defense, one part that I had missed was NOT very clear. So I had to head back to the PCP and get more blood work done and get another shot for Polio. And since I'm not 5, it's not covered by insurance. I swear this process is going to make me go broke. Finally faxed everything back in and got taken off medical hold. So did I pass? God, I hope so.
This waiting is killing me!

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