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Sunday, June 10, 2012

1 year

My training group 1 year ago at JFK. Conrad, Michael, Lyndsey R., Andrea,  Jamie, Christina, Me, Lindsay M. and Jen K. (aka Kitsy).
Yup, it's been a year. Can you believe it? In some ways I can, in some ways I can't. Just looking around, a year ago I didn't know these people existed and now they're my family. There have been definite highs and lows throughout the year and I can confidently say I have learned a lot. I'm pretty proud that I have made it this far as a lot have not. The new group of trainees arrived on Thursday. Seeing them walk off the bus, some scared, some exhausted, some over-confident, it was really enjoyable. And it was really fun to be on the other side of it. I remember when the 9 of us stuffed ourselves into a hot, poorly ventilated van and headed to our training village. Training was really tough and hot and exhausting but it was there that we all bonded and became a family. 7 out of the 9 of us are still here and going strong. 
Conrad and Lindsay - They are living in Chisinau and kicking asses at their jobs. They, like a lot of us, have had a tough go with their living situation and are finding a new apartment this summer. But these two will succeed no matter what they do.
Kitsy - Lives right outside of Chisinau in an affluent suburb and works at a government office. She is also involved with Peace Corps organizations in Chisinau.
Lyndsey R. - She probably lives in the most remote village out of all of us and struggles on a daily basis but NOBODY but her could handle it. She is one of the strongest people I know.
Andrea - She lives near Chisinau and was recently reunited with her fiance after a year. I know it rejuvenated her and she'll be able to power through her service without issue.
Michael - Recently relocated to Chisinau to begin work with a new organization. He's involved with a lot of outside projects that keep him busy.
And me - I'm still working with my organization but I have a feeling the summers around here slow way down. Which will give me more time to work on the new film with the boys so I'm really excited about that. I'm about to get involved with a big project with my best friends, John and Jeremy, that I think will be an amazing feat. More on that later...
So a year later, we're all a little smarter, a little skinnier, our hair is a lot longer and we have made friends with many Moldovans. We have traveled to a lot of countries, learned more language and have already begun saying goodbye to lifelong friends. 
It's been a crazy year but a successful one. Coming here was a big decision and I didn't know if it was the right one for a long time, but it was. I'm where I'm supposed to be. I hope the next year is just as satisfying as the first one.
New family of friends, a year later...Me, Dylan, Erin, Holly, Natasha, Maggie, Adam and Brad.

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