All of us might wish at times that we lived in a more tranquil world, but we don't. And if our times are difficult and perplexing, so are they challenging and filled with opportunity.

Robert Kennedy

Monday, April 8, 2013

90 days

Can you believe it? I am down to 90 days. Here are 90 things on my mind:

30 Things I will miss:

  1. Sasha
  2. Certain volunteers...not all of them.
  3. Randomly being asked to pose for photos like a celebrity.
  4. Pizza for $5
  5. Stocked medical kit/free medical care.
  6. Borscht
  7. Bitching in English knowing no one around you can understand you. (That may get me in trouble at some point)
  8. Sour Cream on Everything!
  9. Fresh vegetable markets. (I know...)
  10. A completely un-'processed' diet.
  11. 25 hour work weeks.
  12. Cursing in Russian...although that may continue.
  13. Mamaliga.
  14. Bus rides for a quarter. ($0.25)
  15. Dead People's Easter. 
  16. Farm fresh eggs.
  17. Adjika
  18. Mamma Mia (The restaurant and also the people from 'Wednesdays.')
  19. The 'slow clap' to stop people from talking.
  20. The inner circle.
  21. Socially acceptable to wear the same outfit 3 weeks in a row.
  22. Socially acceptable to showering once a week.
  23. My hairdresser. :(
  24. Random people saying "hello" because they hear me speaking English.
  25. The Kebab House.
  26. Arguing about 'the current.'
  27. People staring at my shoes wondering what I'm thinking. (They are converse...)
  28. Tucano Coffee.
  29. Weekend trips to Romania or the Ukraine.
  30. Being reminded every day to be grateful for where I had the privilege to grow up.

30 Things I'm excited to see on my post-service trip:
  1. Victor!
  2. Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg, Austria.
  3. Reuniting with a HS friend in Munich, Germany.
  4. Revisiting Paris for a second time in a year.
  5. The Dewar's factory in Scotland as I know my Dad would love that.
  6. Fulfilling my promise to myself to go back to London and see another show at the Globe within a year.
  7. Jameson and Guinness factories in Dublin.
  8. Seeing where 'The Quiet Man' was filmed in Cong, Ireland.
  9. Visiting Liverpool, England and see where The Beatles originated.
  10. The White Cliffs of Dover.
  11. Seeing Mozart's birthplace in Salzburg, Austria.
  12. Swimming in the English Channel off the North Coast of France.
  13. The Cliffs of Moher on the West Coast of Ireland.
  14. Laduree Macarons.
  15. Having a beer at McHughs Pub in Belfast.
  16. Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  17. Seeing where my Irish ancestors originated in County Mayo, Ireland.
  18. A trip back to the Meat burgers in London!
  19. Visiting the Titanic museum in Belfast and seeing where it sailed.
  20. Taking a train ride through the countrysides of Germany and France.
  21. The Book of Mormon in London!
  22. Spinning on top of a mountain in Austria...oh you bet your ass, I will.
  23. Aligot - French Mashed potatoes. Google it...
  24. Standing in the Trinity College library in Dublin.
  25. Hot crepes in Paris.
  26. Green...everything is so GREEN!
  27. Exploring castles in both Ireland and Scotland.
  28. Avoiding 'weeping angels'. (Doctor Who shout out)
  29. Borough Market, London.
  30. Boarding that plane...destination: U.S.A.!!!

30 Things in the US I cannot wait for:
  1. I could dedicate an entire list to food, but just to name a few; Cheesesteaks, sandwiches, cheese, bacon, breakfast foods, steak, burgers, Chipotle, maple syrup, Thai food, sushi...I gotta stop my mouth is watering.
  2. Pedicures (Get ready Jena...Haley...Mom...Jill...)
  3. Drive-Throughs
  4. Driving!
  5. Baseball games.
  6. Sleeping on a mattress.
  7. Water pressure/hot water/lit bathrooms.
  8. Bottomless coffee.
  9. Washers and dryers.
  10. Cold cuts.
  11. Magazines...actual, tangible periodicals.
  12. Movie theatres.
  13. Concerts.
  14. Game nights.
  15. Disneyland.
  16. Fountain drinks.
  17. Remote controls.
  18. Shampoo selections.
  19. Department stores.
  20. Online Bill pay.
  21. Live theatre starring my friends.
  22. Target.
  23. Smartphones.
  24. Meals at Nana's Pasta House.
  25. Oscar parties.
  26. In-n-Out!!!
  27. Vacuum cleaners.
  28. Homemade pastries.
  29. Huge hugs from family and friends. 2 years worth.
  30. Trying to remember every day what a privilege it is to grow up where I did.
90 days...and counting.

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! So jealous you will be in Paris again eating those warm crepes without me! Having In 'N Out for dinner tonight; I will think of you. ;)